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Due to its extensive international network in orthopedic treatment and rehabilitation, LBT is the exclusive domestic representative for several orthopedic health-aid manufacturers. The company’s capacity to take precise measurements for orthotics nationwide, along with its manufacturing ability – orthopedic instruments, shoes, sewing – assures correct results for individual and/or special medical needs.

LBT manufactures and supplies a wide spectrum of medical aids that meet the complex needs of those working in the health-care profession as well as patients. In addition to products supported by the national health-care system, we offer a broad selection of medical aids in the privete fields, especially for health-maintenance, prevention of future health problems, assistance with home-care and sports.

Even health-conscious individuals often have little knowledge of these medical aids. Experts can give invaluable help in

  • Providing information on the benefits of orthotics and appropriate shoes on our complete skeletal structure,
  • The use of exercise tools on a daily basis to facilitate a healthy life-style,

Emphasis on the positive effects of products to maintain health or the present condition, with special attention to the health of the foot.

LBT strives to establish a proper, mutually beneficial relationship with health-care professionals, as well as with patients. Modern medical aids that meet the requirements of patients make satisfied patients for doctors and offer a better quality of life for patients.

Medical Equipment and Supply

·      Orthoses, supports, braces and compression stocking products (e.g. Bauerfeind) in several sizes

·      Manufacture of individual orthopaedic shoes after measurement with 3D scanner

·      Sales of comfort shoes (e.g. Berkemann, Waldlaufer, Ara) with individual insoles  and supports as per needs

·      Production of custom-made and individually manufactured orthotic devices and foot orthoses

·      Orthoses from low-temperature thermoplastics (e.g. Orfit)

·       Artificial limbs (e.g. Ottobock)

·      Sale of rehabilitation devices  (e.g. Meyra)

As it is clear from this list, well-known European brands of therapeutic devices are available at LBT. Therapeutic devices are offered by qualified professionals (physiotherapists, orthotists and orthopaedic shoemakers).


LBT and foot comfort

Walking for many people is made more difficult by injury or deformity of their feet.  Through the use of LBT’s selection of medical aids – special shoes, individual insoles, shoe inserts for flat feet, sports insoles, silicon gel heel wedges, hammer toe and corn protectors, bunion treatments – everyone can regain the joy of movement. Our customers with aching feet can once again feel comfort in numerous foot coverings that we offer.  With use of foot-care medical aids, maintaining healthy skin and nails becomes possible for those who may find these tasks difficult due to restricted movement.

Custom-made orthopedic shoes

When by regularly manufactured shoes cannot remedy a patient’s problem, custom-made foot coverings to correct structural and/or functional irregularities must solve the problem. Our contemporary models include sporty as well as stylish fashionable selections, including special shoes made for children. Our catalogue helps in the selection of the foot-wear best suited to individual tastes.

LBT also provides special care to accommodate individuals reliant on orthoses, and/or those suffering from diabetes or a shortened or clubfoot.

Shoes with the recommendation of  LBT

We offer a selection of shoes that are not only fashionable but also comfortable, that protect the health of the foot, prevent deformity of the foot and may even accommodate arch-support inserts for flat feet. The onset of aging also brings changes in the shape of the foot. For this reason shoes that had been comfortable in the past may no longer be. It is difficult to find appropriate footwear for people who have bunions or hammer toes.

Our selection of shoes meet the needs of every generation from size 18-48. We offer foot coverings for small children to extra large sizes in a wide assortment. Our children’s shoes assure the proper placement of the heel in the shoe, which is a prerequisite for the development of the arch.

Custom-made insoles

Flat feet are among the most common locomotor irregularities. Hundreds of thousands are affected by it in Hungary. Its primary indicator, fallen arches along the length and width of the foot, is easily recognizable.

Flat feet affect the placement of the bones in the foot, ankle, legs and in addition, the womb and spine. The stability of a foot with fallen arches is diminished, while stress on the foot joints is amplified. The increased stress causes tension and tiredness causing an acceleration of joint deterioration that comes with age. As a result of flat feet, inflammation and deterioration of the joints, bunions, hammertoes, calluses and numerous other deformities may develop over time. Because of the increased stress on the muscles, pain may develop in the shin and calf bones. If fallen arches are neglected the person must contend with upper and lower back pain, muscle aches and fatigue.

Arch-supports are central to the treatment of fallen arches. In order for the shoe insert to fulfill its function and support the foot it must conform to the foot, shoe, and various activities. This in many cases is only possible to achieve by adapting or fabricating an ortheses especially for the individual.

Diabetes care

One of the most subversive and harmful effects of diabetes is prolonged lesions and ulcerations on the foot, which in many cases can lead to amputation. Special shoes and inserts can alleviate the problem. Shoes for diabetics are wider and deeper than average, the outer surface is designed so that there are no stitches or pressure points. The most important characteristic of shoes for diabetics is their ability to accommodate the special inserts used by such patients. Ordinary shoes cannot accommodate diabetic inner soles, which are thicker, softer, and made of a material that distributes the pressure under the foot more evenly so as to prevent the development of excessive pressure under the foot, which may lead to ulceration. Very often patients only get to LBT by the time complications from arterial or neurological degeneration has taken hold, causing ulceration. Even so, we can provide solutions for such an advanced stage of disease but the goal is for patients to come to us prior to developing such complications.

Proper alignment of the foot’s structural relationship, use of skin and other foot-care products, proper socks and compression stockings, as well as wearing appropriately loose shoes that are nevertheless fitted to the foot are all important factors in avoiding the threat of amputation.

Sport-specific Insoles

Participating in athletic activities is healthy and keeps us fit - the forces that impact on our feet, however, are extremely high. Depending on movement, 3 to 5 times of the normal body weight can be exerted onto the feet. Problems are often seen and may negatively affect the knee and hip joints, even the spine and muscle functions.

Special sport inserts have a positive effect on our body's posture. They furthermore reduce sport-specific forces and impacts as well as distribute the body weight in an optimal manner, thereby relieving the entire musculoskeletal system. This increase in stability helps to reduce injuries.

Different sports require different inserts. Special inserts have also been developed for those on their feet all day.

Our instruments adapt the insert and we tailor it to the individual based on the foot’s unique characteristics in the particular shoe to be worn.

 Compression stockings, flexible wraps

We use tubular flexible wraps to decrease or prevent oedemas caused by circulatory problems. Most often people whose work requires standing up, those suffering from insufficient venous circulation and/or diabetics use these aids. They are also important in preventing thrombosis in patients restricted to bed rest. The medicinal benefit of these products depends on their proper selection, based on size and compression grade.

Compression stockings diminish the danger of developing varicose veins. They prevent swelling in the legs and/or their torpidity while sitting on long trips or performing work standing up.

Having legs that are heavy or swollen in the evening is often the first sign of venus insufficiency. The good news is that if it is treated early the symptoms can be relieved quickly and ecacerbation of the disease can be prevented. But very few people do anything about it. As a result, venous problems have now become one of the most wridespread diseases. One in five women and one in six men already suffer from chronic disease.

VenoTrain compression stockings from Bauerfeind are just as attractive and comfortable to wear as fashion stockings. And with the Perfect Fit system compression stocking fit as if they were made to measure. They guarantee optimal compression with medical efficacy, high wearing comfort and perfect fit.

Measurement technology

LBT’s extensively experienced professional staff performs on-site examinations for children and adults.

A physical examination of the foot is complemented by a computer-generated measurement of pressure points on the foot. A foot impression measurement and analysis of this imprint enables precise identification of overstressed points, as these can be the cause of calluses and painful corns and in the case of diabetes increase the risk of developing gangrene. Depending on need, we can provide custom-made foot orthotics prepared on the spot. The service also includes individual consultation.